Rus’mmm Chicken is a great break from your traditional weekday chicken. It is a perfect blend of popular Indian spices (with cumin, coriander and tumeric – among others) with added health benefits. It has deep, complex flavors that will make your mouth sing. This great company, drinkrusmmm sells the blend, so you don’t need to buy all of these different spices. It’s actually a drink that I used as a recipe. (The drink tastes great too.)

The individual ingredients in Rus’mmm are used in Ayur Vedic medicine for a variety of common ailments. My kids loved this recipe, and asked for seconds! (I love when that happens – especially with healthy food!)


  • 1 lb. Chicken Thighs (pounded thin)
  • 1 Organic Egg Scrambled
  • ½ cup Drink Rus’mmm
  • Olive oil to coat skillet (about 3 Tbsps.)

4 Ingredients – that’s it! How easy is that! Pound the chicken thighs, coat them in the egg, dip it into a plate of Rus’mmm and coat it all around. Heat a skillet on medium-high and add the olive oil. Wait for the olive oil to be hot before you put in the chicken – you want it to sizzle! Put the chicken in the skillet (if there’s not enough room for them to all lie flat on the skillet, do a couple of rounds). Wait about 4 minutes (when it’s starting to brown) and flip the chicken to the other side for another 4 minutes. That’s it! I like to serve it with pilaf rice and peas. Serves 4-6.